ICCI Melbourne Luncheon

Australian Women In Sport | A story of Growth and Confidence

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I was honoured to host the Women In Sport lunch for the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Melbourne (ICCI Melbourne) at Marvel Stadium recently.

This was the first event in a series of luncheons to be held by ICCI Melbourne in its work acknowledging the cultural and business links that exist between Italy and Australia.

Great Stories from our Female Athletes

It was great to hear the stories of some of our finest Australian professional athletes in their respective sporting fields. They included;

Importantly, listening to the insights of sporting administrators on the advancements and growth of female sport in Australia was great. At this lunch Tony Pignata, CEO of Perth Glory FC outlined the popularity of World Football in Perth and the increased attendance figures the game is now attracting to local games.

The luncheon was framed perfectly in the beginning with a shining example of a high achiever and advocate for Womens Sport, Carol Fox. As CEO of Women Sport Australia she outlined the growth of women’s sport in Australia, the challenges and opportunities on the horizon. The next decade promises to provide more opportunity than ever for female athletes in our country.

As I listened to these great female athletes talk about the importance of commitment, leadership, perseverance, excellence and resilience to perform at the highest level in their chosen field, I reflected on the importance of these traits in the modern day workplace.

Transitioning Sporting Skills into the Workplace

Our ability to show leadership at the right time, pursue excellence in our work and be resilient in the face of everyday workplace challenges can be difficult. When we achieve our goals the reward for this effort makes the achievement all the more satisfying.

I know from personal experience that many of the characteristics required in sporting competition at any level can transfer well into the workplace. Personally, I perform better in a team environment. I’ve enjoyed implementing those softer skills learnt during my sporting career into my everyday work and home life.

A good friend of mine runs a successful business in the construction industry. He once told me that during an interview process he would always ask the potential new apprentice if they played team sport? If the answer was ‘Yes’, there was a high likelihood (from his experience) that apprentice could take feedback, work in a team environment, be resilient, have good leadership skills and generally step up when required.

The importance of great people and partners

In business we all need good staff, partners or suppliers, they all form part of an important mix to move your business forward in an ever changing landscape.

The quality of your staff and partners can mean the difference between failure and success. Consider in your workplace who displays these ‘team’ traits and perhaps let them know you appreciate their approach to their work.

If you’re a small business owner also consider what support your partners and suppliers provide when it comes to other necessary elements of your business that aren’t your core everyday offering such as insurance, telecommunications, office supplies, utilities etc etc. Surrounding yourself with the ‘right team’ can sometimes, make all the difference.

ICCI Melbourne Luncheon

ICCI Melbourne Luncheon


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