How do I make a claim?

If the worst happens and you need to make a claim on your insurance, the best thing to do is contact our office and speak to one of our dedicated claims staff who will assist you with your claim.

Many claims can be lodged over the phone without the need to complete a claim form. Please call our office for assistance.

All claims require a claim form to be completed. Please call our office for assistance or to request a callback.

Most policies have an excess that you will need to consider before lodging a claim. For example, most motor insurance policies have an excess of $400 to $500. If the damage you wish to claim is below this figure, you cannot make a claim. If the claim amount is more than the excess but not much more, you should consider the implications of the claim on next year’s renewal and possibly the effect on your no claim bonus.

How can I enquire about an existing claim?

Please contact our office and ask to talk to one of our dedicated claims staff. They will be only too pleased to assist with an update on your existing claim.

How much is my excess?

Most Householder’s insurance policies have an excess of $100 while Private Motor Insurance policies will most likely have an excess ranging from $400 to $500 depending on which insurance company you are with.

Exotic cars will most probably have a higher excess than this while Business Insurance policies have different excesses for different sections.

Please refer to your schedule for excesses as these do vary depending on the type of home, vehicle or business. Alternatively please call our office and quote your policy number – we will advise you of your excess.