A Fully Maintained Operating Lease consolidates all costs into one monthly payment that covers all the operating costs of the vehicle. The product offers competitively priced passenger and light commercial vehicle leases, removes residual, service and maintenance risk from your fleet.

Alliance Fleet Services can offer you many ways to minimise the costs associated with your fleet. We take care of all fleet administrations for you.

Key features and benefits:

  • Full scheduled servicing and maintenance nationwide through our extensive repairer network.
  • Registration and CTP renewals.
  • Tyre replacements.
  • 24 hour Emergency roadside assistance
  • Fines management.
  • Fuel card ordering and management.
  • Accident and claims management.
  • Toll management.
  • Fleet & FBT reporting.
  • One fixed monthly payment.
  • Vehicles are kept off balance sheet.
  • No residual risk.
  • No vehicle disposal hassles “hand back keys” at lease end.

Tyres, Service & Maintenance

Fully Maintained Operating Lease rentals include full vehicle maintenance. We have accredited network of repairers nationally that service and repair to the manufacturer’s specifications

Features include:

  • All manufacturer scheduled services.
  • Non-scheduled repairs (e.g. brakes, wheel alignments, wiper inserts, battery, etc).
  • A nominated number of replacement tyres determined by the budgeted kilometres.

Registration & CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance)

Fully Maintained Operating Lease rentals include the cost of initial registration and CTP and subsequent renewals for the period of the lease.

Infringement Management

Infringement notices are sent to Alliance Fleet Services on behalf of our clients.

Traffic infringements received, logged and immediately forwarded to the client for action. We record the number of notices received and details of each infringement for reporting purposes.

Accident Management

Alliance Fleet Services accident management provides and manages documentation throughout the entire repair process, keeping you informed on the current status of the vehicle under repair. Alliance’s accident management also takes control to ensure vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Assist in lodging the claim.
  • 24 hour towing arrangement (if required).
  • All contact and co-ordination with the repairer, insurance company and third parties.
  • Handle third party administration.
  • Reports tailored to suit the needs of our customer.

Fuel Card Management

Our system manages fuel cards from all of the major petroleum companies.

We order or cancel fuel cards the same day we receive the request, and our online facilities ensure that Alliance Fleet Services are able to address driver’s needs through quick card turnaround and immediate updates.

Electronic Toll Management

Alliance Fleet Services manage tolls where automated systems and account facilities are available.

  • Allocate old tag to the new vehicle via online
  • Order and cancel tags online.

Monthly Fleet Reporting (Standard)

Alliance Fleet Services have a comprehensive set of reports to offer our clients that have been refined over time to ensure that they meet client’s needs.

Monthly reports include:

  • Leased vehicles
  • Fuel costs
  • Service due

Annual FBT Reporting

Reports are forwarded at the end of FBT year.

24 hour Online Access

Our web-based system lets you update driver and cost centre details, and access comprehensive fleet management reports.

End of Lease

As the lease nears its expiration date, simply choose your next step from a range of end-of-lease options including upgrading to newer models or extending your current lease.

Vehicle Disposal

Alliance Fleet Services takes the hassle out of disposing of your leased vehicle at the end of the lease term. All you need to do is hand back the vehicle or we can arrange to collect the vehicle.

Under a non-maintained operating lease the lessee is responsible for all service and maintenance and other running costs of the motor vehicle.

Lease terms can be from 1 to 5 years.

Key features and benefits:

  • No residual value risk on the vehicle.
  • The rental payments are fixed over the term of the lease.
  • The vehicle does not appear on the balance sheet.