Industrial Special Risks

A uniquely designed and tailored packaged policy to protect those companies with multiple locations, high asset values and multiple occupation classes.

Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) provides property damage and consequential loss cover for medium to larger organisations with diverse operations and more commonly larger insurable values. This policy is designed to protect physical assets including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property.

Cover extends to include physical loss, destruction or damage to all real and personal property of every kind belonging to the insured, or for which the insured is responsible or has assumed responsibility to insure prior to the loss.

Covers available:

Loss of income due to insured property damage

Extra expenses in continuing the business following direct property loss and contingent losses. Cover can be extended to include direct damage to suppliers, customers and utilities.

This coverage also encompasses business interruption insurance for the company i.e. the loss of its income-producing abilities. Policies can be tailored to your specific business needs.