Public and products liability insurance covers your potential liabilities to third parties for personal injury or property damage, should you or your business be found to be negligent.

Public liability insurance is available to individuals, businesses and non-commercial organisations. It provides legal protection to a range of operations, including home-based businesses, shopping centres, swimming pools, carnivals and fetes or event centres. For some organisations, public liability insurance is mandatory. You should check the specific requirement of your legal structure.

If your organisation requires your customers or the general public to visit your home or business, or if you visit their premises, you should consider taking out public liability insurance. The owners and operators of organisations have a responsibility to those visiting or engaging in activities on their premises.

Potential Claim Examples:

A client having an accident whilst visiting your premises

Damage you may cause to clients’ property

Personal injury to people using products supplied by your business

Public liability insurance will need to be considered depending on your type of business activities. Even if it’s unlikely that someone will make a claim against you or your business, public liability insurance may be necessary.

Without public liability, you may find yourself unable to afford the costs associated with defending a claim or paying damages. In the event of a claim being made against you, public liability insurance will cover costs and expenses as well as any damages awarded to the injured party.

A range of public liability insurance policies are available to cover the different requirements of organisations. The costs involved in taking out a policy will depend on a range of factors including the size of your business, type of premises, the activities it conducts and the number of people it employs.